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Tesla Cybertruck: The Ultimate Guide

Pierce Keesee
Pierce Keesee
August 26, 2022
Tesla Cybertruck: The Ultimate Guide

With an abnormal shape and dystopian appearance, Tesla’s first-ever pickup truck is set to surpass some of the best pickup truck models in 2021. Tesla’s Cybertruck, which is expected to be available sometime in 2022, epitomizes a revolutionary change in the world of pick-up trucks. Driving this surreal, yet modern vehicle, makes for an experience that is unmatched by any other pick-up truck.

Why is the Cybertruck special?

Being Elon Musk’s brainchild, the Cybertruck is incredibly far from the ordinary. To many pickup truck enthusiasts, it breaks all the conventions of a model pickup truck. However, its uniqueness is what sets it apart from the rest of the automobiles.

Despite being battery-powered and different in shape and design, it manages to surpass most pickup trucks in the standard truck aspects that pertain to its functionality. Below are features of the Cybertruck that make it stand out amongst other successful combustion engine trucks.


If you think that the electrically charged Cybertruck is no match for the combustion engine in fuel-consuming pick-up trucks, then you are in for a surprise. Cybertruck’s silent roar and post-modern design can be deceiving and may not give an impression of power. Nonetheless, this truck packs enough power to move at a top speed that edges a modern Lamborghini.

The Cybertruck’s immense power also allows it to tow like a freight train. According to its specifications on Tesla’s website, the truck has an 800 horsepower thrust, which allows it to go 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. This type of top speed along with pulling power is unheard of, especially for a pickup truck.

The Tesla Cybertruck's top speed is 110 mph.

The truck also can hold 3500 pounds of weight on its trunk, and tow a massive 14,000 pounds behind it. All of these aspects speak to the emphatic power of this vehicle. With numbers so astounding, the Cybertruck will undoubtedly provide tough competition to other trucks in the market.

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This feature of the truck is the most impressive amongst all other features. It is also one that significantly differentiates it from the rest of the pickups. For generations, the design and shape of pickup trucks did not experience much change. Most of the trucks followed more or less the same design blueprint. Cybertrucks on the other hand is the first successful attempt to revolutionize the conceptual design of a standard pickup truck.

Its edgy and sharp design is a representation of its incredibly strong exoskeleton. The new exoskeleton of the truck shares the same properties as Elon Musk’s starship spacecraft. Since the truck consists of the same stainless steel alloy, it can withstand the same extreme temperatures that space offers, making it quite literally, out of this world.

The decision to incorporate 304 stainless steel alloys to build the Cybertruck Exoskeleton was to provide it with unmatched strength and durability. Therefore, you can expect this truck to provide the passengers with maximum protection even on the most rugged and hostile terrains. It is also bulletproof to some extent, meaning that it can stop a 9mm bullet from penetrating inside the truck.

Interior design

Tesla has a very minimalist and modern approach to interior designs of their vehicles, and Cybertruck shares the same trademark design. The small steering wheel, vacant dashboard, along a wide infotainment tablet depicts an otherworldly design that is easy on the eyes. The dashboard also looks like it is marble, but in reality, it is a form of compressed paper.

Cybertruck interior features

The futuristic design includes interior features like a lighting strip for rear seats and a large glass roof that allows for ample sky views. You will find the interior looks more like an action movie than a normal truck interior.

Tesla’s choice to install a compressed paper dashboard corresponds to Elon Musk’s efforts and beliefs towards sustainability. Tesla commits strongly to sustainability and aims to innovate solutions that help create a more eco-friendly future.

Makeshift boat

When asked whether the Cybertruck will be able to withstand water, Elon Musk went on to say that it can function similar to a boat. This means that you may be able to move it along a river or stream to cover a short distance.

Despite the fact that it may be resilient to the flood situation, it does not necessarily mean that the truck will be able to transform into a boat and move underwater. The reason why it has much more resilience to water is that the truck is completely electric. Being all-electric means that it does not need an air intake or an exhaust, and its interior engine can be sealed for water protection.

The vault

A modern-day pickup truck is incomplete without a built-in bed and Tesla’s cybertruck takes this aspect to a whole new level. It calls the bed portion of the truck, “the vault” As a crucial part of Tesla’s stainless steel exoskeleton; the truck offers users a large level area in which you can easily fit a full-sized APV.

Another great thing about Tesla’s vault is that the tailgate extends out a ramp that makes it easier for loading and unloading freight. This vault also has a mechanical cover that you can close to make the truck more aerodynamic.

Zero mirrors

One of the strangest things about a Cybertruck is the lack of side mirrors. If you do not consider its camera, it also technically lacks a rearview mirror. This is because the driver can use the infotainment screen to view the complete surroundings of the car.

However, this feature is set to change, and Tesla will probably have to install side view mirrors on the Cybertruck because US law prevents one from driving on the road with cars that do not have side mirrors.


The Tesla Cybertruck accommodates long-distance travel. In fact, with an optional stacked battery pack installation, the truck can travel about 500 miles. The standard battery pack on the other hand can last about 250 miles. Considering the expansion of Tesla’s supercharger network, with the Cybertruck you will not have to worry about range issues.

User interface

Cybertruck’s user interface is set to have the same features as Tesla’s standard user interface and more. The additional features and specifications will be more driven towards the functionalities pertaining to a truck. Even though Tesla has not laid down the exact specifications, it is possible that they will include features relating to the pickup bed, air suspension, autonomous trailer hitching, and more.


The tri-motor Cybertruck model is expected to come with a huge 200-250 kWh battery pack. This battery pack is twice the size of any battery pack that Tesla has produced. The size accommodates Tesla’s range of more than 500 weighted miles.

Moreover, Elon Musk also introduced new battery cells to power all the Cybertruck specs, along with its incredible power and range. This new battery allows the truck to expend more power without adding too much weight to the truck.

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Buying Guide

When ordering a Tesla Cybertruck, you must choose one of three models that suits you the best: the rear-wheel drive (single motor), the dual-motor all-wheel drive, or the renowned tri-motor all-wheel drive.

Buying the $40,000 single motor rear-wheel drive can be sufficient enough for most users. This model offers range, functionality, ground clearance, and acceleration that is good enough for the average truck driver. That being said, for someone that obsesses over performance and is a die-hard Tesla fan with money to spend, then buying the more expensive model Cybertruck may be the better option.

The dual motor cybertruck is more similar to the single motor, in terms of acceleration and range, but includes all-wheel drive like the tri-motor as well. It has all of the benefits of the single motor, but with more power and towing capacity with the ability to put power down to all four wheels. If you are looking for a middle of the road truck that can perform both on and off of the road, then the dual motor may be the Cybertruck for you with a price in the middle of the single and tri-motor trucks at $49,900.

Do you need a Tri-Motor all-wheel drive model?

The price of $69,900 for this model of the Tesla truck is not necessarily a bad price for a modern truck, since trucks are normally more expensive than cars due to their larger size, optimized performance, and added power.

If you are someone that often off-roads or has to commute while driving on really rough roads, then investing in the all-wheel-drive, tri-motor option is your best option. On the other hand, if you are someone that only occasionally drives in bad road conditions then it is better to invest in a rear-wheel drive.

Why shouldn’t you buy the more expensive models for urban roads? First, they are more affordable. Secondly, this model has other advantages, such as acceleration and the higher towing capacity, especially for someone that is not often off-roading. However, there is nothing wrong with owning a big vehicle even if you do not use all their functionality.

Can you really afford the Tesla Cybertruck price?

Despite the many discussions over the Tesla Cybertruck price, very few talk about the long-term affordability of the truck. Before you invest in the truck, you have to make sure that it is financially viable for you specifically.

To get an idea of whether you will be cutting costs while owning a Tesla pickup truck, consider the cost of your current vehicle. If you are an existing truck owner, the odds are that you are spending a substantial amount on gas, maintenance, and taxes.

When you compare any of the standard truck features to the Cybertruck specs, you will note that Tesla’s pickup truck surpasses them at all levels, including its utility, usability, comfort, speed, power, and strength. If you are already paying a lot of money for different gas-powered vehicles that help you fulfill different roles, then purchasing a Tesla Cybertruck can take your dependency away from other cars and rid you of the monthly expenses that you make on those other vehicles.

The biggest savings you will make by driving a cyber truck is gas savings. With a Cybertruck, you will be paying comparatively nothing for what you pay for costly diesel or gas vehicles.You will be paying about one/tenth of what you normally pay. When you consider this, the Cybertruck price of $40,000 becomes quite reasonable. Ultimately, EV’s have helped car owners save hundreds of dollars every month, and the Cybertruck will not be any different.

Not to mention, trucks also hold their value, meaning that their reselling price does not decrease very much. Since the standard trucks hold their value so well, you can expect Tesla’s Cybertruck to do even better. This is because of the unique Tesla Cybertruck specs, electrically powered nature, its usability, and its accessories.

These features can be extremely advantageous for some people who are willing to spend top dollar to get their hands on the truck. The people who live at locations that have rugged commutes and hostile road conditions can benefit immensely from making this truck purchase.

Tesla is yet to unveil the truck’s full potential, as it is still a work in progress. Much of the predicted Cybertruck specs and accessories are still to come to fruition. There is also an armored version of the truck that can withstand much greater collisions than the models in the market.

How big is the Cybertruck compared to an F150?

The Tesla Cybertruck comes right in the middle of the average Ford F-150. The Cybertruck is 231.7" L x 82" W x 75" H, while the 2021 Ford F-150 measures between 209-251" L x 80-86" W x 75-79" H.

To Conclude

Tesla does all in its power and creativity to exceed the boundaries of the automotive industry, and Elon Musk seems to be determined to make the automotive world completely battery dependent. His efforts and successes in the EV market are truly remarkable, and Tesla’s Cybertruck accessories are a true example of his emphatic innovation.

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Pierce Keesee
Pierce Keesee

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