Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Better and Better

Pierce Keesee
Pierce Keesee
January 30, 2022
Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Better and Better

As the most popular Tesla model, the Model 3 is becoming the benchmark in its class, not only for price point but also performance. The best thing about the Tesla Model 3 is that it's constantly improving.  And when it comes to performance, the Model 3 doesn't joke around either.

Take the Tesla Model 3 Performance, for example—this version has a motor-generator unit with a high-efficiency, four-pole AC induction motor that produces 480 horsepower, which makes it capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. In addition, the range of this model is 315 miles.

While the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the top version available, the 2021 Model 3 also comes in two other trims: Standard Range Plus and Long Range.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range also uses the same motor-generator unit as the Model 3 Performance. However, this one can develop 306 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The all-electric range is approximately 263 miles. The entry-level Model 3 goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 140 miles.

And despite not having a dual-motor system like the others, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus offers impressive acceleration thanks to its low center of gravity and low drag coefficient.

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range

But what about the 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long-Range? How does it fit in as the middle child? Utilizing its single-front electric motor, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range’s horsepower peaks at an impressive 449. The stylish EV also produces an all-electric range of 353 miles. It offers a top speed of 130 mph and can accelerate from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds flat. This version also tops out at 145 mph.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

As far as power goes—the top trim of the Tesla 3 is a high-performance machine. A smaller battery with less power is offered in the Long Range model, but the Performance version of the car has a bigger battery and more horsepower, reaching 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. That's impressive for an electric car that costs only $57,990, making it one of the most affordable high-performance cars on the market. This car far surpasses any electrical car on the market with its size, price tag, and power output.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range horsepower showcased in 'Performance' version

Tesla Model 3: The Best Executive Car?

The standard version of the Model 3 is impressive, but if you go for the Performance version, you will experience astonishing acceleration performance. It's also important to note that electric vehicles benefit from instant torque. For EVs, the maximum torque output is reached instantly because electric vehicles can reach top speeds in a single gear. Gasoline cars, however, are unable to accomplish this feat and must gradually gear up.

What makes all Model 3 cars even more outstanding is that it offers a full range of amenities, including power seats, a large touchscreen display, and great all-around visibility (with almost no blind spots). This impressive little car also houses two electric motors; one powers the wheels while the other operates as a generator. Both of these components lead to outstanding performance and efficiency. One of the biggest demands for EVs is having quick charging abilities, but this model has an impressive range that will allow you to travel over 300 miles before recharging.

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Regular Software Updates

Over time, Tesla has been able to offer more and more features as part of its software-upgradable system, which means owners never have to take their car back into a dealership for upgrades—they can download them right from inside the car.

Most of the big issues that owners reported in early models have been addressed, and new features are being rolled out on a regular basis. It's a great perk for owning a Tesla knowing that the car will get better features over time.

One of the most exciting developments for this electric car is its potential performance gains with future software updates.These updates allow for third-party applications, such as Optiwatt, to further improve the Tesla Owner experience. The free-to-use Optiwatt App, for example, automatically schedules your EV to charge when electricity rates are cheapest.

Recently, Tesla confirmed via Twitter that they are working on an over-the-air update to improve safety by collecting data from millions of vehicles. While not a performance update, this allows Tesla to collect data on how drivers use their cars, which will help the company improve future performance updates. The Model 3's speed potential is already impressive, but with proper use of available power and torque, there should be even more potential to come.

Which Tesla Model 3 is the Best?

The standard Tesla Model 3 is currently the cheapest Tesla on sale with a price tag of around $40k, making it an attractive choice for those who would like a Tesla but cannot afford the more expensive model.

If you’re in it for the range, then you’ll want to choose the Long Range model with 353 miles per charge, a 35% jump from the Standard’s range. If you want the best possible version of the Tesla Model 3, then you should choose from the Long Range model. At a $10K price increase over the entry-level version, the battery adds an additional 90 miles. With one of the longest EV ranges available, the Long Range model is the preferred option.

But, if money isn’t an issue, then the Performance model is the way to go. The vehicle’s performance is on par with a Mercedes-AMG C63 and a BMW M3. The highest trim model also tauts a speedy acceleration of 162mph. Additionally, this beastly vehicle bolsters standard 20-inch wheels, performance brakes, lowered suspension, and a carbon-fiber rear spoiler. The Tesla Model 3 Performance is the first Tesla to include a Track mode that improves cooling and regenerative braking, torque vectoring, and relaxed stability control.

No Matter the Version, Model 3 is a Blast to Drive

The Model 3 Performance has managed to make it on our shortlist of cars with fantastic driving dynamics. Tesla says this vehicle’s performance is faster than 80% of sports cars out there and we tend to agree after having driven both versions. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range’s horsepower also backs this up!

We have been plenty vocal about how much we enjoy driving the Tesla Model 3 Performance. It's a pure blast to drive and makes you feel like a kid in a spaceship. Indeed, the Tesla Model 3 has no competition at its price point.

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Pierce Keesee

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