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The Tesla Roadster May Become the New Classic Car

Pierce Keesee
Pierce Keesee
January 30, 2022
The Tesla Roadster May Become the New Classic Car

For a long time, America was the pinnacle of automotive performance and a key driver of economic activity during some of the most unstable times in history.  

Companies like GM, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Ford dominated the world with their revolutionary designs and became synonymous with American automotive dominance. But just before the 1960s, other cars worldwide began to shake up the domestic market. 

From across Asia and Europe, car companies like Toyota, Datsun, and Volkswagen began to challenge the dominance of American engineering. This resulted in smaller, more efficient cars that drastically differed from the heyday of US dominance. 

Since then, the global vehicle market has reached stability, with the largest manufacturers surviving through mergers and ingenuity. Tesla has emerged out of this complacency to dominate the global vehicle market with a more sustainable, user-oriented line of electric vehicles that don’t compromise performance.  

Ever since Tesla introduced the Tesla Roadster in 2008, they have been pushing boundaries on what can be done with electric vehicles while simultaneously innovating on traditional internal combustion engine designs dating back to the early 20th century. 

This article will explore how the Tesla Roadster is ushering in a new era for the classic American car. 

The Classic Car: An American Staple

Any time a term like “Classic Car” is thrown around, there’s bound to be contention within the broader community. Some car enthusiasts say that a classic car has to be from a specific time period, while others insist that the category is dominated by muscle cars. 

However, when actually looking at what is fondly remembered as the classic American car, some immediate similarities emerge across the different makes and models. 

They were boxy, had massive engine blocks, and were noisy. People could feel what a classic car was. Here are a few examples

  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Ford Mustang
  • Pontiac GTO
  • Shelby Cobra
  • Chevrolet Corvette

Chevy Corvettes are a great example of the kind of vehicle that Tesla’s Roadster 2.0 pays homage to. The sharp, flowing lines and aerodynamic exterior gives way to an underlying propulsion system with top-tier performance. This is exactly why the Tesla Roadster may become the new Classic Car. 

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Tesla and the New Generation of Classic Cars

Despite being a very young automobile manufacturer, Tesla is becoming the most iconic car in America and perhaps worldwide. The recent valuation of Tesla puts the company at the top of the global vehicle market by a very wide margin. 

The freshly minted trillion-dollar company is poised to ramp up disruption in both the EV and traditional automotive space. 

Tesla started in 2003 and looked like Ford's reincarnation during the Model T era. The focus on domestic components manufacturing, the balance of aesthetics and performance, and the boldness to lead an entire industry are very reminiscent of America’s previous dominance in the sector. 

Tesla has the ability to become the most iconic car of this millennium. Tesla also has a substantial edge over the competition thanks to its Gigafactory, which promises to revolutionize the key component behind EV performance: batteries.

With Models S, X, Y, and 3 all receiving acclaim, people are now turning their attention to Tesla’s blast into the near past: reviving the Tesla Roadster. Among a series of vehicles that already embody performance and power, the Tesla Roadster is poised to claim the spot as the new classic car in America and beyond. 

The Tesla Roadster 2008

It’s got arched, flowing lines, a full digital display, and it runs off a battery — but still, the Tesla Roadster is the top candidate for leading America into the next era of the classic vehicle. 

The Tesla Roadster is a beautifully engineered, high-performance sports car that is an electric vehicle.

The Specs

In terms of performance, the Roadster has some impressive specs. Here’s what you can find on the official website in terms of Tesla Roadster performance: 

  • 0-60 mph acceleration of under 2.0 seconds
  • Quarter mile time of 8.8 seconds
  • A speed that top’s out at over 250 mph
  • Wheel torque over 7000 lbs (10,000 Nm)
  • The 620-mile range on a full charge

In terms of charging, Tesla says Tesla Roadster owners will be able to use Tesla's network of superchargers to add about 150 miles of range in 30 minutes. 

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The Look

Classic cars aren't just about the performance, they're also about the look, and it's hard to find a vehicle that looks sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing than the new Tesla Roadster.  

Tesla's Roadster will have a removable soft-top roof and sleek lines that give the car a drag coefficient of 0.36. This exterior design, in addition to making the Roadster one of the best-looking vehicles on the market, is also helping it break numerous performance records. 

The Features

Like all Tesla vehicles, the Roadster will have a look, superior software, and integrated infotainment display found in all Tesla models. 

Tesla is known for not including buttons and knobs on their cars. Instead, they add a 17-inch touchscreen to control everything from the air conditioner to playlists on your Spotify.

The Experience

For many classic and high-performance vehicles, the car’s core abilities often come at the expense of driver and passenger comfort. But this isn’t the case anymore. 

The Tesla Roadster has a cabin that fits four passengers easily and has enhanced features to improve the driver and passenger experience. The innovative design also includes a glass roof that can retract to give that top-down experience that many car enthusiasts crave. 

Although the release of the Tesla Roadster has been set back, for now, it’s clear that this vehicle is ushering in a new era of the classic American car.

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Pierce Keesee
Pierce Keesee

Technology enthusiast with background in battery building and electronic repair

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